Diploma Project

Diploma Project

Our diploma-project is a horror game. We want to provide tension, fear, and jump scares in high quality. An immersive experience – in a safe environment.

The in-game environment, though, is not safe at all. You will have to navigate through graves, mausolea and other buildings to acquire important objects. Don’t think that it will be easy, as you are not alone.

The adventure is accompanied by an extensive fictional story, which will be explained in-game via various notes. In addition to this, you will be able to find out more about important real-life personas to expand or refresh your knowledge of the world.

But what makes a diploma project?

We distinguished our work into two important areas:

  1. The game

We want to create a qualitative project, which provides the player with fun and tension. To create this in a diploma project would go well beyond it’s scope, so our end goal is to finish the most important parts of the story and the functionality.

  1. Organisation & Marketing

To create a game is one thing, but what does that get us if no one knows it? This is why the second area is Organisation & Marketing, to get our game attention and make it known. After all, many say that “anticipation is the purest joy”

Here you can take a look at the official Diploma Project Application.

For more information go to Games. There you can find out more about the game “Graveyard of Immortals” which we want to make in our diploma project, as well as “Doors” which is a potential successor.

The faces behind our project can be seen in About Us.

If any questions at all arise, you can ask us at Contact. Of course, we also appreciate 3D-Models from Hobby-Modellers, who want to add to and refine our game.

Status: The models, rigs, animations, textures, and functionalities have been assembled over the last couple of weeks. The project is now waiting to be approved.