Graveyard Of Immortals

You are caught in your past mistakes, doomed with only one escape: your death.

You wake up in a graveyard. You look around, confused. Ho did you get here? What happened?

In the mausoleum, right in front of you, you find a grave with your own name on it. Now begins the search for 7 items, which you need to escape this nightmare. But you are not alone. Find your way through this graveyard and find out more about your past, which you are so desperately trying to forget.


The endless search for the last door.

This horrible moment when you know you’re going to die. Your children, which you so dearly love, and the wife of your life looking at you sadly at your deathbed. The doctors offer Mister Graber to spend his last days in the hospital, in case anything happens. He decides to spend his last days with his family, though, in a small apartment which he rented near to the hospital in an inner courtyard. On the way to the door, he sees a mysterious man. The man is wearing a hat and holds a syringe in his hand. “I know that this heals cancer, Mister Graber, but I need to warn you. It has never been tested on humans before, so we don’t know its side effects. You could die earlier than you please.”

But what other choice does he have, other than to accept the side-effects, which guide him through his deeply burrowed sorrow.